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Asia Travel Wonders – Singapore and Malaysia and the ties that bind them

Singapore and Malaysia have very close ties. Aside from the fact that they border one another and share a lot of the same Malayan culture and traditions, the two countries were once one and the same.

It wasn’t so long ago when in 1963, Singapore successfully merged with other countries like Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak to form Malaysia.

The merger was thought to benefit all the countries involved in the form of a common free market that would exist among the four members.

No matter how optimistic the countries were when they merged, they were still unable to stop the riots and bloodshed brought about by racial tensions between the people of Singapore who were against the merger and the other states of Malaysia.

It seemed then that the only hope for resolution was to separate Singapore from the rest of Malaysia. And so it was in August 9, 1965, the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew announced that Singapore was a sovereign state once again, apart from the rest of Malaysia.

Present Day Singapore

After the Singapore regained its independence, it started to work on it own government once again. Though the first few years of renewed independence was shaky, the country has slowly gotten back on its feet and has become one of the most prosperous and beautiful countries in the world. The Singaporean economy takes much of its income from local and foreign trade as well as in tourism. The country is also proud of its history and the effects of previous colonial status continue to be event to this day.


Tourist Spots worth Visiting in Singapore

Singapore is home to a multitude of tourist destinations. Each year the country filters through Millions of tourist tat some from neighboring countries and those that travel halfway around the world just to see Singapore up close.

Over the years Singapore has slowly gained recognition as the quintessential shopping destination where locals and tourist alike are able to get the best deals on the most coveted items. Singapore is also home to lush botanical gardens that boast of exotic Asian Fauna. A bustling night life also awaits the discerning traveler.

Tourists can sample local and internationally cuisine among the many local restaurants all over the Singaporean landscape. Beaches are also a major attraction in Singapore and people come from all over the world to get one of a kind beach experience.

Macau | The Region Known as Macau

Macau is an SAR (Special Administrative Region) of the People’s Republic of China, but it wasn’t always so. Macau like so many other Asian countries and regions fell under the rule of European invasion and Colonization. In Macau’s case it was the Portuguese that set down roots and remained in the region for a period 442 years. It was only in 1999 that the control of Macau was ceded to the People’s Republic of China and made the region go down in history as the “Last European Territory” in all of Asia.

Prehistoric Macau

Before the Portuguese and the Chinese came to Macau, it was populated people that had a unique culture of their own. Archeological evidence suggests that human life started to settle in Macau as far as 4,000 to 6,000 years back. The Macau Peninsula served as a shelter for sailors and refugees that were seeking a place to rest and restock before embarking on their journey once again.

Macau under Imperial China

Macau, like so many other regions close to Imperial China fell under the country’s rule and prospered as a shipping port. It wasn’t until the 16th century, during the Age of Discover that the Portuguese found their way into the peninsula and there set up influence that would last for over four long centuries. The Imperial Chinese rule coupled with the Portuguese colonization made Macau’s culture a diverse one.


Macau and Portugal

When the Portuguese have settled, Macau then became a quintessential trading post for both the Europeans and the Chinese. The region then played an integral role in the Portuguese trade routes. This brought along exports of silk, spices, tea, precious metals and a whole lot more. Macau as a trading post was further strengthened by a Monopoly on Chinese trade as well as with the Union of the Portuguese and Spanish Crowns.

The colonizers brought with them more than just their wares; they also brought their religion to the region. It became the gateway by which religious missionaries gained access to Japan, China and other surrounding countries.

The Effect of Hong Kong on Macau

Macau was greatly affected by regions that were in such close proximity and one of them is Hong Kong. When the China surrendered Hong Kong to the British in during the 19th century, Macau waned in popularity compared to the growing fame and wealth of Hong Kong. In an attempt to reverse the effect of Hong Kong, Macau was declared as a “Free Port” and was declared a Portuguese colony totally independent of China.

Macau Under Modern Day China

As China grew she struck a diplomatic deal with Portugal and Macau was recognized as a territory of China. Despite its status and an SAR of China, Macau still continues to enjoy a high status of autonomy apart from the Asian giant.
Today Macau’s economy is booming. Its’ association with China has given the region an economic boost and the region will undoubtedly continue to prosper. Tourists from all over the world flock to Macau in order to get a taste of its culture as well as to wallow in the many scenic spots in the region as well as to lie on the beaches along the peninsula’s shoreline.

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