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Hongkong Victoria Peak | Hong Kong Asia

Among all the places to visit in Hong Kong, one name stands out and that is Victoria Peak. The hill top is a haven for the rich and famous as well as for any discerning individual who longs for a taste of luxury.

Victoria Peak is known by several names. To the locals it is simply referred to as ‘The Peak’ or ‘Mount Austin’. It is also a famous shopping destination because it is home to several shopping malls that offer shopaholics long hours of uninterrupted shopping pleasure.

The History Behind Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a name that has long been synonymous with the good life. Since the later part of the 10th century people have been coming to Victoria Peak as a way to escape the heat of summer. One of its very first residents was the esteemed Governor Sir Richard MacDonnell, who was assigned in Hong Kong during its British Colonization.

MacDonnell set up his summer residence in the Peak in 1868, long before the Peak Tram was opened in 1888. His move was soon followed by the wealthiest residents in Hong Kong. Today his old summer home is accessible to the public and each year receives thousands upon thousand of tourists.

The Peak Reservation Ordinance

When the Peak Tram was established, more and more people decided to take residence in the locale and it resulted in the drafting of the Peak Reservation Ordinance that lasted from 1904 to 1930. This ordinance saw to it that residential Areas in Victoria Peak were reserved only for high standing government officials and Europeans.

Modern Day Victoria Peak

Today, real estate sales are no longer dictated by race, but by wealth. It no longer matters if the buyer is foreigner or a Hong Kong local, as long as they are able to meet the price that is demanded, they are most welcome in Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak boasts of up to 7 million visitors each year. The reason for such fame is the fact that it offers its visitors an unparalleled view of Hong Kong Harbor during the day and the sight of a glimmering Hong Kong at night.

Visitors at Victoria Peak have access to impressive shopping complexes in the form of the Peak Galleria and the Peak Tower. The most famous dining destination in Victoria Peak is the Peak Lookout restaurant located in an old building that was once the residence of the Peak Tram engineers.

Travelling to the Peak

The Peak is accessible via the Peak Tram, which has been in business for more than a century. Riding the Peak Tram is an experience in itself as passengers are offered a bird’s eye view of the landscape below it. Visitors can also take public buses or one of the green minibuses that service the Peak’s residents and tourists.

At present Victoria Peak is considered to be one of the most valuable real estate areas in the entire world. It may not be the highest peak in Hong Kong, but it is without a doubt the most famous one and a visit to Hong Kong would be incomplete without taking the 8 minute ride on the Peak Tram and taking a tour of this beautiful place.

Boracay Island Philippines – a must see tropical paradise in Asia!

The Philippines, a country here in Asia, is known for its cool and amazing tourist attractions. The country is a small archipelago composed of over 7,000 islands with 3 major islands – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Every place in the country has its own pride and if you will visit all the beautiful places in the country, you would probably spend more than a year because there are so many locations to go.

In Luzon alone, there are more than a hundred tourist destinations. What more if you will include Visayas and Mindanao. However, among all these attractions, there is one place that already earned prominence in and out of the country – the Island of Boracay!

If you will travel 200 miles south of Manila, you will see and experience the captivating beauty of Boracay. Boracay is one of the Philippine’s pride because of its natural beauty. This is the reason why it is carefully maintained under the administration of the country’s tourism authority. Long before the Island of Boracay became a major tourist attraction, Ati tribe inhabited the island.

The island’s name was derived from separate Ati words bora and bukay which means bubble and white sand respectively. Later on, it was called the Island of Boracay and was transformed into a place that accommodates over a million tourists every year.


Based on experiences by people who have been in the Island of Boracay, the sight is really fascinating and the beach is really great. Most of the people are enthralled by the fine sand along with the cool and clear sea water. There are also a lot of activities that you can do when you are in Boracay Island, Philippines especially if you are with your friends and family.

You can take a boat and go island hopping where you will be able to visit caves and other beautiful beaches. You can also do an underwater exploration with scuba diving or reef walking. Other activities include kite boarding, banana boat and flying fish riding, windsurfing and kayaking but the simplest yet most pleasurable activity that you can engage in is just enjoying the water and walking on the sand.

During the night, there are bars and restaurants that serve food and drinks all night. You will be able to see and meet a lot of people enjoying all night partying at the Island of Boracay. The food is great and the ambiance is cool – what else can you wish for?

You can visit the Island of Boracay anytime of the year. Hotels and resorts are all line up at the island. There are stylish accommodations provided by five star hotels as well as reasonable priced rooms for people who want to keep their budget at the minimum.

The Island of Boracay has already caught the attention of so many tourists, foreigners and locals alike. The place was even featured in prominent leisure magazines and has received awards of excellence from various organizations. There are also some individuals who totally fell in love with the place that they promise to return every year. There are also others who already found their permanent life in the island. Why waste your time looking at magazine pictures when you can experience the luxury yourself?

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