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History of Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen holds a special place in history as the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of China. Shenzhen, China became so during the period when Hong Kong was thriving as a British Colony. Shenzhen was chosen among all the other regions because of its geographical proximity to Hong Kong, plus the fact that people in Hong Kong and Shenzhen shared a similar dialect as well as culture and traditional practices. Read on for more on the history of Shenzhen, China.

Shenzhen and Imperial China

As man settled in China, the population found its way to the costal region that is now Shenzhen. There the people established a way of life that had the sea incorporated into the very heart of their daily activities. Fossil remains and archeological artifacts, gathered from the coastal region, show evidence of modern civilization dating back thousands of years. It is also easy to find historical evidence of Shenzhen’s existence because China kept extensive records of the regions that fell under their rule.

Like other regions in imperial China, Shenzhen rose and fell together with the entire country. It started out as a fishing village that served only itself until the time that the empire found it useful as an alternative trading post during the age of extensive trade between China and several European nations. The once humble fishing village soon became a bustling port for import and export trade.

Tourist Destinations in Shenzhen China

shenzhen (www.asiatravelwonders.com)Shenzhen is a southern region in the Guangdong province of China in Asia. It is a rich economic and business minded region and shares closes ties with Hong Kong. Despite being such a business driven region, Shenzhen is not depleted of tourist spots and scenic sites that are worth seeing. Each year this coastal region plays host to a multitude of tourists that come and visit.

Tour the World in Shenzhen

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Shenzhen is the replica park known as the Shenzhen Window to the World Park. Here visitors can marvel at the sight of the Eiffel Tower standing near a replica of Ancient Athens. The leaning tower of Pisa can also be found in this one of a kind replica park. Visit the pyramids of Egypt, the Tower of London, the famous Taj Mahal of India, Asia, the Louvre glass pyramid and so much more. Most tourists prefer to stay the entire day in the replica park just so they can take in one marvelous replica at a time.

Getting to know the Chinese Culture and History

Tourists to Shenzhen are treated to destinations such as “China Folk Culture Villages” and “Splendid China”. These destinations are made to introduce both local and foreign tourists to the beauty of the Chinese culture and its role in shaping the world.


Shekou is an exotic residential area in Shenzhen preferred by most tourists. It is home to an impressive Sea Park as well as the Minghua, which is a French vessel that has been cemented to the ground and is now a major tourist attraction.

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