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New Malaysia tourism projects improve country competitiveness

Malaysia in Asia has always been a topic of interest among travelers and tourists who love to visit Asia. The response of foreign tourism is very warm and it seems as if nothing is going to be better than the support given by the people. It did not occur to anyone that tourism would prosper more not until the government has introduced new projects. New Malaysia tourism projects are now designed for the improvement of the country’s tourism rate thus, establishing a more stable and secure economic system for the nation.

petronas-malaysiaThere are already numerous natural, man made and historical tourist spots in Malaysia that attract millions of people every year. Now, to further enhance the current tourism program of the government, new Malaysia tourism projects are being initiated.

Take a look at some of the new Malaysia tourism projects that the government has started implementing:

Sports Tourism

Many sports enthusiasts in the west are now exploring different countries for world class sports events. In view of this fact, the Malaysian government has decided to introduce a new Malaysia tourism project for sports. The tourism authority of the country already started with an active campaign which promotes Malaysia as an organizer and host to different global sports competitions as well as other recreational activities. This new Malaysia tourism project centering on sports aims other people to see that Malaysia is a perfect sports tourism destination in the Asia-Pacific region. In preparation for this new project, the government invested on equipment, infrastructures and refined sports facilities. The country’s environment is also conducive for adventure sports like the Sepang F1 Circuit. Other sports event like golf and fencing are now given superior attention.


Because the country is rich in agricultural resources, this new Malaysia tourism project was conceptualized. The agro-tourism project is created for the fast gaining popularity of agriculture in Malaysia. Diverse agro-related activities such as orchard visits, research centers, animal farms, and other programs are already lined up. The responsibility of the tourism agency that handles this new Malaysia tourism project is to develop the Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Ministry.

Educational Tourism

Malaysia aims to be known globally as a center for educational excellence. In order to accomplish this, the country also built diverse educational facilities and infrastructures. Both public and private institutions are now promoting higher learning with improved curriculum from foreign universities. This tourism strategy intends to intensify tourism through education.

Health Tourism

In order to boost the health tourism, Malaysia health authority devoted to increase availability of competitive medical centers with high tech and modern therapeutic equipment and facilities. In addition to that, the government makes it sure that low medical fees and professional doctors are also accessible throughout the whole day. Simultaneously, other tradition treatments are still offered by other Malays and these ancient cures have been well-received by tourists especially those who are looking for alternative medical healing.

The efforts of the Malaysian government are now receiving enough attention from other countries. There are already good responses coming from tourists because of the new Malaysia tourism projects. What everyone thought is best was still improved because of ingenious ideas.

Indonesia tourist spots for you to check out this summer

The Indonesian Republic is the largest archipelago in the whole world. The country consists of more than 17,000 islands. It is also one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia. If you are planning to go out of the country, why not consider going to this nation where Indonesia tourist spots await you?

The rich Indonesian culture and Indonesian traditions are just one of the best things that you will know about when you visit the country. In addition to that, the most excellent Indonesia tourist spots will also add color and brilliance to your vacation. You get to experience being one with nature because of the unexploited resources of this Asian country.

Here are just some of the tourists’ spots in Indonesia that you should not forget to visit:

• Banda Islands
The Banda Islands is known for herbs and seasonings especially during the 1400s because valuable spices can only be found here. This is a group of 8 islands and each has its own significance. You will be able to enjoy a lot of activities when you visit this famous Indonesia tourist spot. Aside from swimming, you can also do diving fishing and snorkeling. You will definitely fall in love with the beauty of natural marine life that is hidden beneath the waters of Banda Islands.

indonesia• Irian Jaya
If you are looking for a land of outstanding natural magnificence, you have to see Irian Jaya. The wildest and most unfathomable jungles in the world can be found here. There are also numerous picturesque beaches as well as huge stretches of marshlands found in Irian Jaya. The mountain foot of this Indonesia tourist spot is surrounded by cool grassy meadows and crocodile infested rivers.

• Bali
Bali is the most popular Indonesia tourist spot because of its impressive white beaches, mountains and blossoming jungle. You will also see green rice fields in this tropical paradise. If you are more on the adventurous side, you will enjoy biking at the village paths where you will also meet friendly and welcoming people. There are also colorful and traditional festivals where Indonesian locals celebrate with tourists as they let you see their rich culture through music, dance and rituals.

• Yogakarta
Yogakarta is the cultural center of Java where education and economic activities are held. Visiting this prominent Indonesia tourist spot will bring you to the hub of arts and galleries. There are also markets, craft shops and bazaars where you can purchase popular goods made in the country.

• Sumatra
A place where volcanoes, thick rainforests, and lakes sit, Sumatra is a scenic beauty next to Bali. You will also find Lake Toba in this city. The place is also known for its delicacies and tasty cuisines.

You will definitely find every inch of the country filled with so much beauty and exquisiteness that you would want to spend a little more time exploring its culture. You will also feel closer to nature because of the numerous Indonesia tourist spots that you can see in the country. What are you waiting for?! Book your next vacation at Indonesia with your family or friends now!

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