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Asia Travel Wonders – History of Singapore

Singapore is a Southeast Asian country that borders Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. Like so many of its neighbors, Singapore suffered through the toils of colonization and wars. It has managed to weather through it all and is one of the most prosperous countries in the entire world.

History of Singapore

Singapore’s establishment is credited to one man and that is Prince Parmeswara. He named the land ‘Singapura’ after the Sanskrit word for lion. Parmeswara was later on driven out of Singapore. He then went to establish the sultanate of Malacca which used Singapore as an integral trading post.

The British came to Singapore and made it a colony in an attempt to balance out the negative effect that Dutch colonies have imposed on the British trading routes in Southeast Asia.


Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was a defining character in the formation of modern day Singapore as it was him who determined that the region would play a great role in the world trading.

After the British, Singapore fell under the short rule of the invading Japanese. After the Japanese surrendered, Singapore momentarily fell into a state of disarray, but soon recovered and went on to establish an independent government.

Your most wanted travel guide to Thailand tourism

If you open your eyes and see beautiful people smiling at you, fantastic and delicious food, unspoiled beach villages and a picturesque view, then you must be in Thailand. The Thailand tourism authority is doing a great job in promoting the country as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world because it certainly is.

The Thai culture, their language, the scenery and even the regional differences seem to perfectly complement each other making Thailand a captivating attraction not only to nearby Asian countries but also across the other continents.

thailand beachWhat to Expect in Thailand

Thailand tourism is very successful especially because the country is really attractive. The scenic views are incomparable and are well loved by people who want to relax and take a rest from their daily routine. In Thailand, you will see a paradise and feel that you are closer to nature.

Must See Places in Thailand

There are a lot of places in Thailand that you have to see. This is the reason why most travelers would want to stay longer than what they have planned. A Thailand trip is one that you would definitely want to experience over and over again. You will never get tired of the beautiful places. From Bangkok, the capital of Thailand down to the other prominent cities like Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

There are also other islands perfect for the relaxed lifestyle that everyone is dreaming of. Check out the list of places that you must not forget to visit while you are in Thailand:

• Modern Theatres of Bangkok
• Phuket Island
• River Kwai
• Skytrain Thai Fruit
• Sam Roi Yod National Park
• Spa City of Hua Hin
• Chinatown Monks in Bangkok
• Big Buddha
• Koh Samui Resort

Food and Delicacies of Thailand

You will definitely enjoy the food and famous Thai delicacies. Haute cuisine is served in almost all restaurants which is one of the well liked Thailand tourism attractions. Fresh seafood is also served in beach shacks. You can also try rustic cooking which are commonly found in mountain hideaways. Apart from all these, you and your friends or family can also join various cultural festivities. If you are not an outgoing person, you can also enjoy staying in your hotel room where food is served any time of the day. Most of the hotels are overlooking beautiful places so that you can enjoy the sights while you are in the room.

Activities that you can enjoy in Thailand

There are so many things that you can do in Thailand. There are people who go to the country to do some shopping in Bangkok. Some adventurous hearts love to explore the forests and mountains of Thailand. You can observe the Thai tribes way of life in the mountains or simply enjoy the beach of the country’s famous islands. You will definitely find the most enjoyable activities in Thailand.

Staying for a just a week in Thailand would change how you see life. There are so many positive attitudes and beliefs that the Thai people can share. Besides that, you will definitely thank and praise God for a wonderful creation. Without a doubt, Thailand tourism is the country’s strength.

photo credit: FriskoDude

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