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Philippine Islands – Wonders of Philippines

This post is part two to my earlier post – The Philippine Islands – Wonders of Philippines.

America’s Mission

When the Spanish control over the archipelago started to decline, the American’s pounced on the chance and started to begin their mission of preparing the country for independence, but the road to Philippine independence was not so smooth.

A war broke out between the Americans and the Filipinos as a result of two American privates killing three Filipino Soldiers. After the hostilities were settled, the United States started their mission to prepare the country for independence. Today, the Philippines continue to have close ties with the United States.

Philippine Map

Japanese Invasion

The Japanese gained control of the Philippines during the Second World War forcing the country into a puppet regime. As soon as the Japanese were ousted, the Americans returned and continued on the process to make the Philippines into the independent country that it is today.

Tyranny and People Power

Since then the Philippine Republic has undergone its share of trials and tribulations. Among them was the Tyrannical rule of the late Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos was then forced to step down through the process of a peaceful and prayerful movement known as the People Power One or EDSA 1.

Modern Day Philippines

After President Marcos fled the Country, Corazon Aquino took rule and reformed the republic and it has remained the same to this day. However, the political scene of the Philippines was shaken when another People Power movement sought for and succeeded in making President Joseph Estrada resign his post as president.

At present the country is ruled over by her second female president in the form of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Philippine Islands – Wonders of Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of islands that lie in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most recognizable landforms in the entire world. Being an archipelago, the Philippine islands are known for its glorious white sand beaches that attract tourists from all over the world each year.

The Philippines is also home to a people with diverse cultures and traditions.

Pre-Historic Philippines

The Philippines is believed to have been populated for thousands and thousands of years. Her residents arrived in the islands form neighboring Asian regions as well as those who have travelled from distant far distant regions of the globe. Fossil evidence suggests that life in the archipelago existed as far as the stone-age. The most compelling evidence to this front is the discovery of the 22,000 year old fossil skull cap of a stone-age man found inside a cave in Palawan.

Philippine Map

Soon thereafter the Negrito (ethnic groups located all over Asia) arrived in the region. Today, ancestors of these ethnic groups still thrive in the Philippines and a few tribes still continue to live the way that they have always done for thousands and thousands of years.

These early residents proceeded to trade with neighboring countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. This resulted in the inevitable intermingling of races which continued on the years, giving birth to the Filipino people as they are known today.

The Spanish Rule

Ferdinand Magellan is a name known to the Filipino nation. The reason for that is the fact that Magellan was one of the very first explorers to reach the archipelago and helped opened the way for Spain to integrate itself and to make a colony out of country. The Spaniards had control over the Philippines for 333 years. This long period of Spanish rule left an indelible mark on the culture and religion of her people.

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